Published: May 08, 2014 7:40 PM EDT

Collier County, Fla., - Wink News found out a company that once employed more than 200 people is closed.  GoldCoast Salads made seafood salads for companies like Costco and Sam's Club. But, Wink News learned a health scare caused sales to slump and the company never recovered.

"Its mind blowing because I just saw the truck go by on Monday and now the gates are closed and nobody's there," said Christina Nusz, who works right next door at Nu-Sons Electric. "There's always cars there, always."

In 2011, Wink News was there for the groundbreaking of the company's new 65-thousand-square-foot facility. Owner Peter Radno said he had

280 employees and was expanding at a time when many businesses were closing because of the Great Recession. The company was even recognized by Collier commissioners as the county's business of the month in January of 2011.

Noose says she understood why. She frequently bought their products.

"We all love seafood and when you go to Costco they sample it out and hundreds of people taste it and you keep wanting to go back for more because its so good."

In February of 2013, the company recalled its products after a Listeria scare. A former employee, who didn't want to be identified, says several stores including Costco dropped the salads and the company couldn't recover financially. Wink News found out Iberia Bank is now suing the owner in civil court. The former employee says when the company finally closed for good on May 2nd, there were only 25 employees left.

"Its sad to see local businesses go," said Nusz.