Published: May 06, 2014 6:39 PM EDT

NAPLES Fla., -   Time and time again, Scott Whipple says someone was driving up to his construction site in the middle of the night, breaking the lock, and stealing aluminum.

"All of the door frames, for all of the sliding doors that we have, started getting stolen," says Whipple.

 Thousands of dollars of supplies, gone. The loss forced whipple to send his men home without pay.  32 of them, who would have made well over 100 dollars for a single days work.

Whipple says, "It takes away from the guys families, and that's the most irritating part, taking away from the little kids.  That's what it basically boils down too, these guys are here to earn a living."

So Whipple devised a plan, "I actually made up dummy piles, for them to actually steal, and hopefully we'd catch them, and I set up cameras."

3 in total, that helped Collier County deputies lead to the arrest of Keith Fields.  He now faces at least 9 charges from grand theft to dealing in stolen property.

Whipple says for anyone who thinks about approaching his pile of aluminum, the cameras are watching and waiting.