Published: May 05, 2014 5:15 PM EDT
Updated: May 05, 2014 5:25 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - A woman made a disturbing discovery Monday morning, in front of her Port Charlotte home.

Monica Fraser found three kittens clinging to life on her driveway and called Animal Control.  Fraser believes someone deliberately dumped the animals.

"I'm upset," Fraser said.  "(The kittens) didn't ask to come here.  If (the suspect) didn't want cats, leave them alone."

Fraser said she was driving home from a doctor appointment, and saw a cyclist toss something toward her house on Collingswood Blvd. as she approached.

"I got out of the car and I looked back," Fraser said.  "I didn't see the guy. He was gone."

Then Fraser said she noticed three spots on her driveway.

Those spots turned out to be three newborn kittens, left for dead.

"This one, the gut was tore out," Fraser said, pointing to the largest blood stain on her driveway.  "The other one there was gasping.  He was still alive. And this one, the face was torn and the abdomen was torn. And  I knew he wasn't going to make it."

Two kittens died in front of Fraser's house.  The third was taken by an Animal Control officer, who told WINK News the animal died on its way to the shelter.

Fraser, who owns two dogs, said she would have been willing to take care of the kitten, had it survived.

Charlotte County Animal Control is investigating the case as animal cruelty and abandonment.

Lt. Brian Jones said this incident is the latest in a disturbing trend for Charlotte County.

"Last year, we had 38 cases (of animal cruelty," Jones said.  "I remember 15 years ago, we would get two or three a year."

Jones believes a suffering economy could be at the root of the problem.

"We hear that story over and over," Jones said.  "They ran out of money, they ran out of resources, and sometimes the animal suffers as a result. And that's usually where we have our problems."