Published: May 03, 2014 10:29 PM EDT

NAPLES, FL.--Many undocumented Immigrants may not be able to pay in-state tuition for college.

"I am a Naples native, I grew up here in Naples," said Jose Bautista.

22-year old Jose Bautista is a Collier County high school graduate, an honor student, and an undocumented immigrant.

"I came over when I was 1 month old, so I literally had my first birthday here," said Bautista.

Howver, right now, Bautista's education is at a stand still.
Since he's an immigrant, he would have to pay out of state tuition to a college or university.

"It's not that I couldn't get in, it is because of the tuition difference. Paying out of state tuition is not tangible," he said.

But now, the college dreams of many undocumented immigrants, like Bautista, could come true.
Thursday evening, the Florida state Senate passed the "Florida Dream Act."
It would allow many immigrants to pay in-state tuition.

"Florida has kind of missed the boat a couple times," said Florida Immigrant Coalition's Grey Torrico.

"Undocumented immigrants who have been here all of their life would actually be able to step out of the shadows and be productive and continue to achieve success in their lives," said Torrico.

The difference in price is drastic. One credit hour for in state tuition at FGCU costs a little more than $200.
Out of state tuition is nearly $840.

Andy Martinez actually went to Tallahassee to lobby for this bill.

"We were met with some negative people, but most of the responses that we get are very positive," said Martinez.

"I am just at ease that this burden has been lifted off our shoulders," said Bautista.

The bill will now go to Governor Rick Scott, who has already said he will sign it in to law.