Published: May 02, 2014 6:36 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - A homeowner's association is fighting back against the violent home invasions across Collier County. They want to install surveillance cameras, but they're not the first neighborhood to take the extra steps to stay safe.

"It's just not something we're used to dealing with in Naples, Florida," said Mark Koestner.

The crimes are so nerve wracking, the Aqualane Shores H.O.A president wants to install surveillance cameras at seven intersections.

"We hope it will provide a deterrent for crime in our area," said Koestner.

Aqualane Shores isn't the first H.O.A. To install the cameras. Port Royal and Royal Harbor have had them up for years.

"We hope it will make the residents of Aqualane Shores safe and a little more comfortable," said Koestner.

Naples police say the cameras not only deter crime, they also help solve cases by supplementing evidence at a scene. The cameras track cars that drive into and out of the neighborhood.

There's also a new twist to the home invasions case. Wink News has learned, detectives are investigating if the Collier County home invasions could be connected to another in Windermere, near Orlando. In that case, three robbers dressed up as "ninjas," tied up a couple inside their million-dollar home and stole their car. Its a similar M.O. as the Collier home invasions.

Investigators say so far 55 tips have come into their hotline about the crimes. Koestner says he hopes the criminals are caught soon.

"I lock my door at night when I'm here even if I'm just sitting here watching t.v.," says Koestner. "I used to keep it open. I don't anymore."