Published: May 02, 2014 6:19 PM EDT
Updated: May 02, 2014 6:25 PM EDT

CLEWISTON, Fla.- A mother is outraged after she says her son's bus driver not only called her son offensive words, but promoted hitting on the bus during the ride home.

WINK News asked the bus driver what she was thinking, and asked the district what they plan to do about the situation.

It all happened in Hendry County, where one mother said a child on the bus caught cell phone video of her son being hit by a student and the bus driver encouraging the bad behavior.

We went to Clewiston to confront the driver, the school district and the mother to see just what was going on.

We want to warn you, that some of our viewers may find the language in this story offensive.

"I'm not a retard," said the 8-year-old boy in the video.

The response back from the bus driver is shocking. "You act like it," she said.

A ride home from school turned into a frightening experience for the child.

Cell phone video appears to show one student striking another, and the bus driver yelling offensive language at him, and telling the student to hit him again.

"Do it again," said the bus driver. "Acting like a retard."

WINK News went to the bus stop early this morning to ask the driver why she didn't stop the behavior, and apparently decided to join in on it.

She claimed that's not the way it happened. When we pushed her on it, she drove off.

In another cell phone video taken by the mother a few days later, the driver seems to admit to using the offensive word.

Our investigation took us to the school district's assistant superintendent.

"We have video of the bus driver saying, if someone hits you, hit them back," said WINK News reporter Andrew Sheinthal.

"Which is completely inappropriate," said the assistant superintendent. "And that's part of the issue we are going to deal with."

When we tried to obtain the the official bus video, we were told it doesn't exist.

The assistant superintendent said, "The particular day that this took place, there were some problems with the videos, so you can see portions of it, but you can't see it clearly."

While school administrators try to determine exactly what happened, the bus driver will have a meeting with district officials and go through a retraining process, something the mother said isn't enough.

"She's not getting in trouble," the child's mother said. "She's just getting a good talking to. That's it."

The assistant superintendent said once they meet with the bus driver and her representation, they will have a better idea what the consequences will be for her actions.
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