Published: Apr 30, 2014 8:12 PM EDT
Updated: May 01, 2014 12:48 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.,- WINK News has obtained the report from Fort Myers Police, regarding a standoff situation that shut down an area for 10 hours, while a heavy presence of law enforcement tried to negotiate Thomas Murray out of his home.

The report says, Murray has made comments over the past month, that he had an idea of going out with a bang. He talked about creating a big scene, and possibly detonating his jeep and trailer in a public place, even talking about taking out a large amount of people. Those thoughts led us to that stand off that ended at around three Wednesday morning.

For 10 hours, law enforcement made their presence known on Winkler Avenue. The standoff described as a scene from a movie.

"It was startling, you don't have men at your door with weapons very often and when I saw the officer crouch behind the car, I, of course, I knew there was something seriously wrong," said neighbor Walt Tucker.

People watched in horror from outside the police tape, hoping Thomas Murray, would surrender peacefully.
Murray's wife told police, she went to her friends house she was worried about her husband. They called the suicide hotline and were prompted to call 911.

"They never indicated any sort of violent or mentally unstable attitudes, a little excentric perhaps," Tucker told WINK News.

Swat teams and police spent hours negiotating with Murray, who they believed to be inside the home armed and dangerous. Officers went door to door, rifles in hand, asking neighbors to evacuate.

"Safety, for my own, for the officers, for my neighbors, for every reason."

No one knew what Murray was doing, so they watched the tactical operation unfold right in there own neighborhood.

"What else was I going to do? I didn't have a set of tiddly winks or anything, so I was waiting it out and hoping for the best," said Tucker.

WINK News got a copy of the police report. In it, his wife states she was living in fear. It says Murray had been fighting depression his entire life and he had about one to two dozen firearms. His wife also told police, he had materials readily avabilable to build explosives.

Police say they didn't find Murray armed.

Murray was spotted him on the roof. He ran from officers and jumped into a canal. Police had to tase him, before carrying him away on a stretcher.

"They have a job to do, very trying, all we can be is thankful it ended well."

Incident Commander Lt. Jay Rodriguez says Murray started calm and became frustrated as hours ticked on, but he never threated officers.
But his wife indicted what he was capable of. She told them he had...

-one to two dozen firearms
-two antique grenades
-bow and arrow
-sling shot
-pellet gun
-materials available to build explosive devices
 Inside the home.
Police confirm they found weapons and other items.

Murrray is sitting behind bars, facing charges of resisting arrest and possesion a fireman by of a convicted felon. He faces a Lee County judge Thursday morning.