Published: May 01, 2014 5:54 PM EDT
Updated: May 01, 2014 6:17 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla - It was the victim's boyfriend who actually told her parents that the two were allegedly having sex.

According to the arrest warrant the parents had met Casey Ortiz before, allowing him to take her for a ride along.

But they had no idea that he might try and make a move on their underage girl.

"That's stupid. i'm sorry, but for me, I can't comprehend that. He should know better," said Astrid Frei.

A friend of Cape Coral Police Officer Casey Ortiz was stunned and shocked to learn he allegedly had sex with a 16 year old.

In an arrest warrant obtained exclusively by WINK News, the victim told police she met Ortiz on a 911 call.

He allegedly slipped her his phone number, then came back a week later to take her on a ride along.

The victim says they hung at his house but nothing happened.

The second time, she admits to asking for a ride.
They went straight to his house where, according to the arrest warrant, "they then started kissing and he touched her vagina over her clothes."

The two allegedly had sex, and he asked her not to say anything.
She told police the same thing happened again on a third ride along.

The warrant says Ortiz denied having sex with the girl but did admit to driving her around.

His lawyer says the public should keep an open mind.

"He's potentially fired from his job, accused of being an alleged rapist/pedophile, i don't know how he can move on, life is in limbo, that's why we are looking forward to getting all the evidence," said Ortiz's lawyer, Joseph Viacava. 

Officers say information found on Ortiz's cell phone backed up details the teenager provided.

The incidents allegedly happened from September to December 2013.
The victim says the two often sexted as well.

At this time it is unclear if the sex was consensual.  However, police say there are no signs of Ortiz having forced the teen. 

Ortiz made bond.
He is currently on administrative leave without pay from the Cape Coral Police Department.

Ortiz was taken into custody and transported to the Lee County Jail on two counts of sexual assault with a victim 16 or 17 years of age.

A judge set his bond at $50,000 at a hearing Thursday morning. He is also to have no contact with the teenager.