Published: Apr 28, 2014 5:53 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 28, 2014 6:00 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS - It happened early Monday morning. Four individuals asked for a cab ride home, and before the driver knew it, things got out of hand.

"They start punching me, and punching me, and punching me, I hit the ground," said Pierre Jeanlouis.  "They still punching me, punching me. I keep on calling Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

He said all four of the occupants started to gang up on him after he refused to let them smoke inside of the taxi.

Jeanlouis said, "They asked me to put the window down, because they were smoking.  I said no you can't."

The occupants started to curse at him, and Jeanlouis said he had enough. He pulled the taxi over at a gas station in Bonita Springs, and asked the riders to get out.

That's when he said they started to beat him up, punching him in the face, smashing his glasses, and cursing at him.

The suspects fled the scene, but were quickly found by deputies from the Lee County Sheriff's Office. The four have been identified as Stephanie Fiels, Allison Cohen, Davic Behnke and Benjamin Behnke.

"I gave them the service they deserved," said Jeanlouis. "I'm here to serve the society, with pleasure."

The four now face charges of battery and petit theft. They refused to pay the fare of $47.