Published: Apr 25, 2014 9:03 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Dozens of Collier and Lee County World War II veterans will depart for their second honor flight. They're traveling to Washington D.C. to visit Arlington National Cemetery and 3 war memorials. 

"Honor flight is really considered to be the last mission" said Katie Whelan.

 She and her 88-year old father John are going on the honor flight Saturday. They tell WINK News it's an opportunity of a life time. For them being able to experience it together is even more special.

"That's a surprise,I had no idea she was going to get to go. I knew she was volunteering with them, but that makes it that much better" said John Whelan.

"To be able to take all the veterans, especially my dad, on this really great tour its really indescribable" said Katie Whelan.

John Whelan joined the army in 1944 when he was 18-years old.

"My father was in World War II as a tank commander at the battle of Bastonge.His brother,Jim Whelan, won the soldiers medal for pulling 2 men out of a burning tank" said Katie Whelan.

Katie Whelan will be a guardian to her father on the honor flight. She said there are 49 other veterans with stories just like her father's going on the trip.

"We're taking with us 50 wheel chairs, so we can truly treat them like kings and queens, to push them through these memorials to make sure they can see everything they want to see."

WINK News traveled with the first group of veterans from Collier County in November. Our crews brought you their stories as they visited the memorials in Washington D,C.

WINK News reporter Rachel Spangenthal will volunteer to travel with the veterans on Saturday's honor flight.

Count on WINK News for updates through out the weekend on the trip.