Published: Apr 24, 2014 4:12 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 24, 2014 7:31 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.,- WINK News is hearing from the jogger involved in last week's tragic hit and run. The alleged driver, Eric Montez, punched the jogger several times, and then ran over two innocent women trying to help. Today, that jogger tells WINK News reporter Megan Contreras, the terrifying events that unfolded that day, play over and over in his mind.

"You can't help but go over in your mind what could have been different," said Ron Baier.

It's been nearly a week since Ron Baier was involved in a horrific case of road rage.

"Who knew it would take that turn. I expected he'd get back in his car and drive off, I'd call 911, someone would come out to investigate, but he didn't drive off. He drove into people and over people," Baier tells WINK News.

Baier says he was out on a run when things took a crazy turn.

"It unfolded pretty quickly, I was jogging along, trying to get a good time in and I saw the car approaching, he didn't swerve, seemed to speed up."

What happened next, no one could explain.

"I thought that was the end of it, I kept jogging along, he got out of his car and ran back and clocked me in the head," said Baier.

Baier is calling Lorraine McDaniel and Kristee Barre, the two women who ran to his aid, his heroes.

"It's phenomenal when somebody gets involved like that to see something and react in the way they did, not really considering themselves."

But their act of selflessness to help a stranger, would forever change their lives. Montez ran them over sending both to the hospital.

"I'm grateful they are both alive right now and I hope they hope they have a smooth as quick recovery."

WINK News spoke to Kristee Barre's husband by phone earlier today. He says his mom, Lorraine one of the victims, is on life support. Four of her ribs were crushed, one lung was punctured and one collasped. As for Kristee, she is blind in her right eye.

Eric Montez is still behind bars, charged with two counts of second degree attempted murder and battery.