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Published: Apr 23, 2014 10:44 PM EDT

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA - The race is set for a high-profile Congressional election in southwest Florida. Just two months from now, on June 24th, Republican Curt Clawson will take on Democrat April Freeman and Libertarian Ray Netherwood for the District 19 seat formerly held by Trey Radel.

We've all seen them. Those ruthless attack ads leading up to Tuesday night's Republican Primary. Voters told WINK News the ads left them with no real grasp of who they were voting for.
So, WINK News asked the candidates where they stand on three main issues. First, healthcare:

Clawson said, "I believe Obamacare will be repealed because number one, I think it is unconstitutional, number two, I think it's unfair."

Netherwood agrees. Freeman however, calls it important, saying it allows people under 26 to stay on their parents health care plans.

On veterans' benefits:
Clawson says wasteful government programs need to be cut in order to do more for vets. Netherwood wants to create bills to help the VA accomplish what's expected. And, Freeman supports full benefits for veterans without any cuts or reductions.

On job creation:
Clawson plans to grow the economy by 5% annually while cutting wasteful spending. Netherwood wants to help small businesses by giving them tax breaks. So does Freeman. "We need to bring jobs to southwest Florida, give tax credits to small businesses and let the country know southwest Florida is open for business."

WINK News also asked, can we expect more of those negative attack ads this time around? The candidates agree, they want to dial them back and focus more on the issues that affect southwest Florida