Published: Apr 21, 2014 3:04 PM EDT

PUNTA GORDA, Fla - Three area teens, two juveniles and one adult, were arrested Friday on charges ranging from Pettit Theft to Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle after fingerprints from one of the boys was found on one of the stolen vehicles.

Since the early part of February 2014, the Sheriff’s Office has taken several similar reports of vehicles that had been taken from the locations their owners had initially parked them. The vehicles were all located, either nearby or back at their original starting point.

In each case, the owners reported that items inside the vehicles had been moved, or taken and, in some cases, items had been left behind. In one instance, a victim reported that a handgun was missing from the vehicle.

During the investigation of these cases, latent fingerprints lifted from one of the recovered stolen vehicles were identified.

The adult arrested, has been identified as Anthony Raymond Hall, 18, of 3031 Perdue Terrance in Punta Gorda.  WINK News is not identifying the other suspects because they are juveniles.

Detectives were able to recover some of the property reported stolen, including the handgun.