Published: Apr 17, 2014 11:17 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 18, 2014 12:30 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. -- Firefighters say lightning is to blame for sparking a house fire in Collier County.

Two Collier County firefighters are out of the hospital after being injured in the fire. Things got so intense, those men were rushed to the hospital with heat exhaustion.

In just a split second, a Collier County home that a family built from the ground up erupted in flames. Brand new video Thursday night shows the charred ruins on 39th Street Southwest.

The grandmother inside, Rocio Mora, was too shaken to go on camera. But she tells WINK news she only had seconds to escape with her family.

"I was in my room and I heard a explosion. So i went to open the door of the garage. When I opened the door all the flames was on my face. So I started screaming to my son, telling him the house is in fire. So we run to take the kids and go outside. And the dogs too," said grandmother Rocio Mora.

A family member tells WINK News the grandmother, along with her son, and two grandchildren, ages 18 months, and 5 years old, made it out with barely enough time to spare.

"It is very scary. The only think to think is take the kids and the dogs, and you don't care about nothing else," Mora said.

One neighbor was afraid her home would catch fire. She watched as people rushed to help one of the injured firefighters.

"I saw a man he, the firefighter, he was laying on the floor and there were people around him. He was just laying flat on the floor. My mom said 'oh no I think he got burned or something,' and everybody started freaking out.," said Noemi Suarez.

The family believes their home is completely ruined because of smoke and water damage.
The Red Cross is helping them.