Published: Apr 17, 2014 5:22 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 18, 2014 5:31 AM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.,- Expanding the education for Southwest Florida teens! The YMCA of Bonita Springs is on the quest to build a charter high school. The school will be geared towards the wellness and health of the students.

"The kids that come to our "Y" are going to be the future leaders of Bonita Springs," said Director on the YMCA Board, Marjorie Rubacky.

"Sky" stands for strength and knowledge at the YMCA. It is the driving force behind a new charter high school the "Y" of Bonita Springs is looking to open and its called the Sky Academy.

"We are dedicated to instilling these keys to success to our students and Bonita Springs is going to benefit from it," said Rubacky.

The academy's curriculum is based on health and wellness. The "Y" decided to explore the charter high school in Bonita, because the city doesn't have one.

"It will be the first high school in a long time here in Bonita springs. A lot of us are very excited for it and supportive of it, financially and otherwise," said Mayor Ben Nelson.

Currently, the Sky Academy is running a successful charter middle school in Venice, Florida. The students gain a wealth of knowledge in the classroom, and get 90 minutes of fun fitness everyday.

"Having a curriculum that surrounds itself with that physical activity has got to be good! Healthy mind and healthy body? That's just the way it is!"

The school will be designed for a small student body of about 700 students.

"Research shows children who have a balance of wellness and fitness included in their studies do significantly better overall."

The "Y High" will not compete with any other schools in the Bonita Springs area.

"We have wanted a high school in Bonita Springs, this is our first, best chance at it," said Mayor Nelson.

The YMCA tells WINK News, they have submitted a letter of intent to the Lee County School District. The school needs to raise $6 million to open. Those fundraising efforts have already begun.