Published: Apr 16, 2014 12:11 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 16, 2014 6:29 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The charges took only seconds to read, and included racketeering, gambling/bookmaking, threats and extortion.

But the investigation into Thomas Welch's alleged illegal activities spanned months.

A confidential source, found during an unrelated investigation into a Costa Rican gambling ring, led agents with FDLE to, an illegal nationwide gambling site.

The source told agents he owed the alleged bookie, Thomas Welch, $18,000.
Agents began "going through his trash" in June, finding pages of peoples names, sports teams, numbers, and money transfer receipts at the Welch's home in Naples.

They went back to the home last week, and removed papers, as well as computers.

FDLE asked the source to set up a meeting with Welch at Hooters in Naples. With the source wearing a wire, agents were able to hear Welch say how he began sports booking while working with the Greek mob.

In the arrest warrant, he then says he moved to Florida, where he stated "he had local contacts in the area of Naples, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers because he had coached his son's sports teams, when his son was in high school."

A picture of Welch on his Facebook shows him in what appears to be a Dunbar high school uniform. The district says he was never employed.

Welch then asked the source to work for him as a collector. But the source said no, and Welch allegedly made threats, telling the source,"he could put 'two in his apple,' which the CS took as being shot two times in the head."

Welch said he has customers in Wisconsin, Tampa, Orlando and other parts of the country.

He says he doesn't get in trouble, because he uses other agents that deal in threats and violence to collect overdue debts. He says some of his agents are high school kids.  

Plus, "he moves $100,000 through his wife's bank account a month, and since he lives amongst the rich people in Naples, nobody cares."