Published: Apr 15, 2014 5:34 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 15, 2014 12:29 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- April 15th is the deadline for everyone to file taxes with Internal Revenue Service. Anyone who has not filed their taxes has until midnight to either file electronically, or have your taxes postmarked, and in the mail.

For those who don't think they'll make today's deadline - do not panic. You can always file for an extension, which would allow an extra six months to file. That does not apply to paying taxes, however. All owed taxes to the IRS must be paid by April 15th.

Anyone who is absolutely positive the IRS owes them a refund, will not be penalized if Tuesday's deadline is missed - but be sure. If it turns out money is owed to the IRS, fines will be enforced -- for both failing to file on time and failing to pay on time.

To help the nerves of last minute tax filers, some companies are offering tax day deals. Our partners at the News-Press compiled a list.

• Free dinner: Perform a complete song between 5 and 7 p.m. local time on the live music stage at one of 40 Hard Rock Cafes on Tax Day — and you've just sung your way into a free entree. The chain expects to give away "thousands" of entrees valued at up to $14.95 each, says John Galloway, chief marketing officer.

• Free cookies: For those with a bitter taste after filing their taxes, Great American Cookies has a sweet reward — a freebie chocolate chip cookie. OK, the limit is one per person. But no purchase is required, notes Vice President David Kaiser, "nor proof of completed taxes."

• Free massage: You need to sign up in advance, but free mini-massages are on tap April 14 through 18 at participating HydroMassage locations. Since the tradition began six years ago, the chain has given away almost 500,000 free massages "in this traditionally stressful time of year," says Paul Lunter, president.

• Free shredding: For those with super-secret tax documents to shred, folks who print special Office Depot coupons can shred up to five pounds of papers through April 29.

• Free sandwich: Well, there's a Tax Day catch to getting a free sandwich (The Original) at Schlotzsky's — you have to buy a 32-ounce drink and a bag of chips. But, hey, that's a pretty small price to pay for deli sandwich.

• Free fries: Arby's will hand out snack-sized curly fries free Tuesday for guests with coupons from or Arby's social channels.

• Half-priced barbecue: Sonny's BBQ restaurants are offering IRS deals Tuesday – that's Irresistible Rib Special. All day tax-weary patrons get a little relief: half off the Sweet & Smokey or House Dry-Rubbed rib dinner plates.

• Penny burgers: At participating area McDonald's buy one Big Mac or classic Quarter Pounder with cheese and get the second for one cent.

• Discounted chicken: Boston Market is offering two half-chicken individual meals for $10.40. The meals include half a rotisserie chicken, a choice of two sides, and cornbread.

• All-you-can-fill yogurt: At Orange Leaf Yogurt customers can fill their cups for $4.15 by visiting the company's Facebook page and downloading a coupon.