Published: Apr 14, 2014 9:51 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - People are finding new ways to protect themselves as law enforcement searches for a gang of violent robbers.

More and more people are turning to firearms and gun safety classes after the recent rash of home invasions. 5 times in the past 2 months, masked gunmen broke into homes, and stole from the victims.

"In these past weeks, in our concealed carrying class, there were 3 different couples that were students that had personally been the victims of home invasions" said Pippa Steinhart, an owner of the Naples Gun Range & Emporium.

She said the new gun of choice is the shotgun."Just simply the noise of a shotgun racking is a deterrent to the average burglar."

Steinhart said sales have doubled because it's a good defense weapon to have. She said"the neighbors and the people that read about this are definitely fearful.Fortunately, in Florida we still have the right to bare arms so it is your right to come in and arm yourself."

When it comes to buying guns,Steinhart and Chris Knott with Naples Security Solutions agree it's one thing to own a gun but it's another to know how to use it.

Knott said they start out by teaching their clients the basics."Start at ground zero and go over all safety as if they know nothing and teach them the working components of a firearm."

Knott and his partner,Mike Perl, have been hired by residents to teach them how to properly protect themselves. They do so by going over afew rules on how to safely handle the gun...

They also go through a simulator that puts people in different scenarios.

"Law enforcement has a tremendous presence in this community, they're doing everything they can, but they still can't protect you and your home and your family."

WINK News has learned Collier County Sheriff deputies have received 16 tips to their hotline set up to gather information about a rash of home invasions.