Published: Apr 10, 2014 11:38 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 11, 2014 5:19 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL. A Fort Myers boy says it was like a horror movie--nearly being kidnapped on his way to the bus stop.

Police are hunting for the suspect who's still out there.

The attempted abduction happened in front of the Sunterra Apartments on Evans Avenue.

"I was scared," said Delisca.

Early thursday morning, 10-year old Lucas Delisca, made a potential life or death decision.

"I was walking my little cousin to the bus stop," he said.

That's when, Fort Myers Police say, a man drove up next to Delisca outside the Sunterra Apartment Complex.

"First he rolled down his window and said hey do you want $2? And I said no I'm good, I don't need $2," said Delisca.

Delisca says, the man wouldn't leave him alone.

"He said take the money, you need it, so you can buy something from the store," said Delisca.

Delisca made a quick decision and ran home.
"I felt like I was in a horror movie like someone was trying to kill you. You just feel like you're running forever," he said.

Delisca's grandmother now has to re-think how her grandchildren get to school.

"I am not going to let him and her walk outside to catch the bus anymore it is dangerous," said Sonya Alexis.

"We don't know what the $2 was all about, what the intentions were, we are going to assume that they were probably inappropriate," said Lt. Victor Medico with Fort Myers Police.

Police tell WINK News, the suspect is a black man, with a short haircut, gold upper teeth and has a tattoo across his neck.

"I want the police to find this guy and I want him to spend jail for the rest of his life," said Delisca.

Police also believe the man is driving a black pickup truck that could be a Dodge.