Published: Apr 09, 2014 7:24 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- More potential victims are coming forward after a renter found tiny cameras hidden inside clock radios at a Fort Myers Beach rental property.

WINK News first reported this story last week and since then, several other families have filed reports with the Lee County Sheriff's Office saying they too may be victims.

After seeing the disturbing details on WINK News, Kim Elmaleh filed a report with the sheriff's office herself, worried her family's privacy was at risk when they stayed at the Bayview Drive home in June to celebrate her father's birthday.

"I feel very violated! It really creeps me out, ya know," she says. "So everytime I was in the bathroom someone was watching me? That makes me very uncomfortable."

Elmaleh recalled many strange situations when her family stayed at the home. Most of them centered around a man who she thought managed or owned the property.

She says, "we did think it was odd he would show up all the time, I almost felt like he was on the vacation with us, which he probably was if there were cameras on us all of the time. He also talked about all the technical stuff- that he had a friend who owned video stuff so he had a movie screen in the living room and out by the pool. We were quite impressed but we thought it was odd how every time we would come home he would show up. He even commented about my daughter being hot and we thought that was really strange."

Other renters filing reports with the sheriff's office also told deputies about a man oddly always at the property. Elmaleh just hopes someone is held responsible soon. "Big brother is watching, well big pervert maybe is watching you," she says.

WINK News spoke with the property owner's attorney and she told us they do have a property management company and the owners were shocked to hear about what happened. She says they are fully cooporating with detectives.

The sheriff's office is still investigating how the cameras got there, when, and who may be responsible.