Published: Apr 09, 2014 2:17 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 09, 2014 6:40 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-  Shannon Buttner is one of thousands of Florida drivers, that may have been surprised to learn her license was suspended on April 3rd.

Receiving a letter that same day from the DMV, saying she wasn't insured.

"I didn't want to get locked up, and go to jail, because they lock you up," said Buttner.

Buttner checked with her insurance company, who told her there had been a mistake.

Turns out it was a mistake for drivers across the state.

The state says it was a variety of issues, including technical problems with a new system, and miscommunication with insurance companies, that caused the issue.

"They have been getting information back from insurance companies saying that insurance listing is invalid," said Joanne Robertson.

Robertson is with the lee County tax collector's office.

She says dozens of people flooded into their offices, but they were able to fix the problem quickly, without a fee.

But Buttner says she was charged in Lake County.
WINK News asked if Buttner would get her money back, and a spokesman for the state dmv said he would look into her case.

But Buttner wanted to know why drivers weren't given enough notice before they began driving illegally.

"They need to send a letter that says within 10, 15 days you have to prove you have insurance, or we will suspend your license," said Buttner.

So WINK News asked and the state told us, they are changing policy now to make sure that in the future, drivers have enough time to defend themselves.

Now the spokesman mentioned that not all of these letters were a mistake. Some drivers should have had their licenses suspended. As a precaution, they did reinstate all licenses for the time being. You can go on their website to make sure everything is correct.