Published: Apr 09, 2014 6:06 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Cape Coral Police served a search warrant at 1443 SE 11th Terrace today to rescue a dog that was suffering from neglect.

In December 2013, Lee County Domestic Animal Services received information about two dogs that may have been abandoned at 1103 SE 15th Place. LCDAS made several attempts to contact the owner of the animals without success. During one of their visits to the residence, they saw a dog that appeared to have a severe skin condition. There was concern as to whether the animal was receiving proper medical care.

LCDAS determined who the owner was and attempted to make contact with her, to allow the agency to examine the dogs. Their attempts were unsuccessful. LDAS brought photographs of the dogs to a veterinarian who said the skin condition appeared to be chronic, untreated malassezia dermatitis. Based on the veterinarian statement, LCDAS issued a citation to the dogs' owner on December 19, directing her to provide treatment for the animal. She refused to provide any information to LCDAS.

LCDAS officers saw the dogs on the back lanai of the residence today. The health of the larger dog had deteriorated significantly from when she was last observed in December. LCDAS contacted the Cape Coral Police Department to assist with an animal cruelty investigation.

Upon entry to the back lanai, the dog in question was found curled up in the fetal position with her leash tied to a cinder block. She was unable to stand and was carried out on an animal stretcher. LCDAS took the animal to its facility for medical attention. A second dog on the lanai was also taken into custody, but appears to be in good condition.