Published: Apr 08, 2014 11:35 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- More people are coming forward to the Lee County Sheriff's Office saying they could have been caught on camera, after tiny hidden cameras were discovered inside a Fort Myers Beach rental home.

Last week, WINK News learned several tiny cameras were stashed inside a rental home on Bayview Drive on Fort Myers Beach.

People renting the home said they found the camera inside a clock radio in the bathroom when they tried to change the battery.

Now as the investigation continues, more people are filing reports with the Lee County Sheriff's Office saying they too stayed in the home, and could have been victims.

Tom Zemantic is visiting from Connecticut and he says news of secret cameras allegedly recording inside the Fort Myers Beach house on Bayview Drive made it all the way to his home state. "Surprising that you'd have to look through the place you are renting from a person to find out that you're safe, secure and private for God sakes. In rental properties I guess you have to be concerned these days what happens where you're staying," he says.

WINK News has uncovered some of the reports from possible victims have striking similarities. According to an incident report obtained last week, a family said a man who apparently maintained the home, "was at the residence several times..checking on appliances and other systems in the house" and they thought that was odd.

Now a new report from another family says, "someone would come to the residence at least three times a day and would enter the home. They thought this was strange but didn't realize anything was wrong."

Janese Caruthers represents the property owners. She says, "it's been very difficult for them once the story started unraveling and things started unfolding." She says they are shocked and working with investigators to find out who is responsible. "I believe once the investigation is complete you will see our clients are completely innocent and did nothing wrong."