Published: Apr 03, 2014 6:11 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 03, 2014 6:22 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - As gas prices soar, drivers never seem to hesitate to voice their frustrations. When asked, "at what price is the cost of gas too high?" one traveler responded, "Right now," as she laughed. Traveler, Allan Gottleib said, "Everytime we fill up. It's gone through the roof." 

There's a new proposal in Tallahassee to raise Florida highway speed limits to 75 MPG. Studies show that higher speeds result in lower gas mileage, which could deter drivers from taking long road trips.

A new AAA study reports that soaring gas prices no longer have as big of an impact on driving habits. The study states that, "despite their displeasure with prices at the pump, roughly half (53%) of Americans are changing their driving habits or lifestyle to offset gas prices, a 15 percent decline from spring 2013.

"The younger generation tries to work closer to home," said Marsha Kut, Fort Myers AAA Branch Manager. "It's a bigger concern with the younger population."

"When gas prices are higher, they seem to not take the longer trips," Kut said. "They still take their local trips, 50 miles or under. That's the biggest difference that we see. The longer trips they might think twice about it and limit those, but the shorter trips are still in their mindset."

While Marsha Kut with AAA says younger generations choose to travel less and carpool, older generations either foot the bill or search for discounts.

Barbara Snyder says she and her husband take longer trips in their RV. "I have an iPad I use to check (gas prices) with that, and see where the cheaper places were," she said. "If some of the states are high, we wait until we get to the other one to fill it up."

As prices are still expected to rise a bit into the summer months. On the bright side, however, Florida's average is still less than the peak price of 3.80 per gallon last year. For some interesting facts on how much more gas you use when you put the pedal further to the metal, check out