Published: Apr 01, 2014 6:56 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Fort Myers Police Officers will soon have new life-saving equipment in their patrol cars, and it's all thanks to community donations.

The Fort Myers Police Foundation raised hundreds of dollars to purchase 100 advanced first aid kits for officers, something they don't have right now.

To do this, the foundation sold $100 raffle tickets and today, raffled off a new car at Galloway Ford.

FMPD Sgt. Sean Hoover says, "Obviously we face dangers everyday, and at any time anything can happen. Lately a lot of our officers have been getting crashed into so the kits can help in that manner. God forbid one of us gets shot, we have these kits readily available if you have to treat yourself or another officer comes to the scene he can help treat you. They're going to be right there. We don't have to wait for the paramedic to come treat you or sometimes it's a volatile scene and they aren't going to come in until things calm down."

He says a majority of the time, police officers are first on scene so this will help them treat victims right away. "So this is life saving equipment that we can use immediately," he says.

And the support from the foundation makes all the difference. "Gives us access to equipment we may not have access to but it shows us that we have people in the community that support us, and believe in us and want to do what they can for us. It's amazing," he says.