Published: Mar 31, 2014 12:39 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 31, 2014 6:33 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Donations came pouring in to support an injured war hero. Operation "Give a Tundra" is a success.

WINK News has been following Sergeant Josh Hargis' story for several weeks and today, the wounded warrior is the proud owner of a new truck.

"We can't thank you enough for everything they have done," said Sgt. Josh Hargis to his Southwest Florida supporters.

Thousands of dollars came in after a community heard about an injured Army Ranger was in need of a new truck.

"Right now, we are driving around in a Kia Optima and getting a wheel chair in and out of that, it's really low to the ground, so a truck is a lot easier," Sgt. Hargis told WINK News.

The journey has been long for Sgt. Josh Hargis, but the road to recovery just got a whole lot easier, knowing Southwest Florida is standing behind him.

"I've never been one to ask for help with anything, or really ask anything of other people, really independent person, the only other person I ask for help is my wife," said Sgt. Hargis.

WINK News captured Hargis signing on the dotted line, just before he was handed the keys to new Tundra. It was a day many people have been anxiously waiting to witness.

"It's absolutely amazing, the generosity of everyone, the National Coalition for Patriots, The America's Fund and everyone who donated, we can't thank you enough for everything they have done," said Hargis.

WINK News learned, transportation was going to be the biggest challenge to Sgt. Hargis faced.

"Everyone is so willing to help out and pitch in , it's an honor, it really is," he said.

Since WINK News teamed up with the organization, $20, 500 was raised for Operation "Give a Tundra." This morning, WINK News got word, America's fund, gave the rest of the money needed for the truck, another 10 grand!

Sgt. Hargis captured the national spotlight for his salute seen around the world, when he was honored with a Purple Heart while heavily sedated in a hospital bed. Also, Sgt. Hargis and his wife are expecting their first baby, a boy named, Whelan, in two months.