Published: Mar 31, 2014 7:05 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Americans are on deadline to sign up for government healthcare. They have just hours to go and with that time crunch, comes more frustration. The website crashed again Monday and WINK News spoke to one woman who says her payments keep getting denied.

"They said you've been terminated we're not taking anymore payment from you" said Patricia Boutwell.

Boutwell applied for health insurance in December through Florida Blue. Since then she's received several letters from the company. One said 'Welcome to Florida Blue, the others said her policy has been terminated because she hasn't made payments.

Boutwell said she's actually made two payments since January. "I kept watching my statement and neither one of them came out" said Boutwell, who now fears she could be penalized once the deadline passes at midnight.

It's something she has been trying to avoid well in advance. Boutwell said  "they're refusing my payments what am I suppose to do?"

WINK News spoke with Mark Wright, a spokesperson for Florida Blue. He said the company will look at what's going on with Boutwell's policy and have the right person contact her about it. Wright said she will have a grace period to work out any glitches.

However for Gail Abrahams, signing her son up for the Affordable Healthcare Act was easy and a blessing. That's because her son has a pre-existing condition. Abrahams said "when he was diagnosed he was told don't bother applying for health insurance because you will never qualify for health insurance." She said " the medication that he has to take is extremely expensive so its been quite an ordeal for our family."

Abrahams got help at the Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida on Monday afternoon. She said a navigator was able to help her through the process and that her son's health insurance will cost less than $100 a month.

"It's just really wonderful for people who have had pre-existing conditions and have had to fight insurance companies and had to fight the system" said Abrahams.

She encourages everyone to take advantage of Affordable Healthcare Act. Abrahams said "find out the facts because it's important to sign up." She said  "we have strength in numbers, the more people that sign up the better its going to be."

Even if you start the process Monday online and don't finish it, you have until April 15 to complete it.