Published: Mar 29, 2014 9:23 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 29, 2014 11:37 PM EDT

ARCADIA, Fla -- "She was able to respond, she was able to talk. We were just supportive."

Words of encouragement from Pastor Booher of Mt. Ephraim Church in Arcadia.

A church the Burnhams have been attending for 30 years.

On Friday, Booher visited JoAnn Burnham in the hospital.

JoAnn is recovering from a brutal attack, allegedly at the hands of her son, Karl Burnham. 

"She seems to be doing very much better, yes," said Booher.

According to 911, JoAnn was conscious enough to tell her daughter, who found her, that Karl Burnham attacked, and killed his father, George.

She also said he stole the family's car. Burnham was caught hours later in Orange County. 

WINK News first told you Burnham had a history of violence. He was behind bars previously for second degree murder.

"Their goal bar none was to see him on his feet and do well. That was the desire in their heart," said Booher.

It's George and JoAnn's big hearts that got the attention of fellow church members.

"Very selfless, especially with family," said Booher.

JoAnn, known for her scrapbooking, even running a blog called Crafty Nana's. Pastor Booher showed us some of her work.

"These cards take hours to make, and she is pouring her heart and soul into this."

George, a real sweetheart, according to Booher.

"He had a sparkling personality. Once you got to know him, he would open up and he was full of compliments."

Their tragedy, something the whole church is feeling.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles in Arcadia is collecting donations for the family, to pay for funeral and medical costs.