Published: Mar 28, 2014 11:11 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 28, 2014 11:16 PM EDT

ARCADIA, Fla. -- WINK News confirms a horrific murder in Desoto county. A former corrections officer is allegedly beaten to death by his son.

49-year-old Karl Burnham is now in the Desoto County Jail after being arrested near Orlando.

WINK News has new video late into the night as investigators continue to piece together a brutal and bloody homicide, taking measurements next to walls covered in precious family photos.

Deputies say, inside this home, Karl Burnham attacked his own parents, George and JoAnn. "To know that a son turned against his own dad and mother. I mean, it hurt deep," said neighbor TP Riseden.

Deputies say the couple's daughter stumbled across her parents severely beaten with blood all over. Her father George dead, and her mom JoAnn was clinging to life. Neighbors describe the couple as caring and loving.

"I never heard her say anything bad or anything about anybody," said Riseden.

Deputies say Burnham stole his parents car, and was eventually caught about two hours away in Orange County.

WINK News dug deeper into Burnham's history and uncovered he's no stranger to prison.
In 1985, he was locked up for grand theft and forgery. Three years later, he spent 22 years behind bars for second degree murder, robbery and grand theft.

And most recently he was arrested in January for public intoxication. Despite all that, neighbors say Burnham's loving parents always welcomed their son back with open arms.

"He always came back. And they always took him back, that's what kills me. How a guy could do his own parents that way," said Riseden.

George Burnham was a former corrections officer. JoAnn Burnham is recovering in the hospital.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles in Arcadia is collecting donations for the family, to pray for funeral and medical costs.

They are asking for donations, monetary and/or gifts. The Order says they are in the beginning stages of organizing a fund raising event. 

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