Published: Mar 21, 2014 2:31 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 21, 2014 6:30 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Jeffery Moretz has been sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing his estranged wife inside Physicians Regional Hospital in 2011.

"Everything would have been fine, had she not been such a selfish, self-centered slut," said Moretz in a letter written to his grandchildren.

Moretz wrote the letter following the murder of his estranged wife, Christine.

A jury convicted Moretz of Second Degree Murder in February of this year. Deputies said she was having an affair, but Moretz's sister said the two were a perfect couple.

"Never in a million years would he have ever touched his wife. He put her on a pedestal, he loved her, more than he loved himself. He did," said Darlene Younce.

Darlene called her brother's life sentence unfair. She said a lack of sleep and depression may have caused him to snap, and that it was a crime of passion more than anything. Moretz claims he doesn't remember anything, only that he loved his wife.

"I miss my wife. I miss her so much. Sorry to everyone about this whole situation," said Moretz himself, as he cried in court.

The defense asked for a lighter sentence than life, along with Darlene. She said the family has forgiven him, and the grandchildren need Moretz back in their life.

"Do the grandchildren forgive him? Oh my God, yes! They know he either had to have a nervous breakdown, some kind of mental lapse," said Younce.

In court, Moretz also told the judge he and his wife were planning to get back togehter, two weeks before the murder.