Published: Mar 21, 2014 6:07 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 21, 2014 6:32 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.-A high-profile Southwest Florida couple is the target of a lawsuit claiming elderly abuse.

The man suing is a celebrity-chasing member of the paparazzi.   Frank Ross is suing his daughter, a spokeswoman for the State Attorneys Office in Fort Myers, and his son-in-law, Fox 4 weather forecaster, Jim Syoen.

A summons from the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan claims the Syoens stole from Ross, 77 while he was in the hospital last year.  It says the couple used "deceit, coercion, intimidation, emotional abuse and empty promises of care to systematically steal plaintiff Mr. Ross' home and property."

Ross alleges his daughter, Samantha Syoen, got him to sign over the deed to his property while he was critically ill.

The summons also says, "While Mr. Ross was fighting death, defendants physically came to New York to loot his home."

The Syoens' attorney, Carlos Cavenago denies the claims.

"those allegations are false; fundamentally false.  Samantha and Jim Syoen have not taken advantage of anybody.  That will be proven in the courts," he said.

Court documents say the Syoens stole Ross's New York home, car, furniture, antiques, and a collection of famous photographs.  The summons says the couple shipped valuables from New York to their home in Fort Myers.

"There's proof they are indeed the lawful owners of those items," Cavenago said.

Ross's attorney, Phillip Schatz told WINK News he took the action because "Samantha Syoen refused to speak with her father, except through her attorney."

He later added, "We'd like to work it out."

Frank Ross is seeking more than $2 Million in damages.