Published: Mar 19, 2014 10:42 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 20, 2014 10:23 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Diana Blemke found herself right in the center of a wild chase Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff's office says Deputies Dan Leffin and George Perez tried to pull over 29-year old Travis Taylor for not stopping near College Parkway and US 41.
But Taylor didn't pull over and deputies say he became aggressive and took off into the Villas neighborhood.
Speeding right by Blemke.

"He just looked wild. You know how when you have rage you're wild? That's what he looked like,' said Blemke.

The Sheriff's office says Taylor was erratic--driving through a median and hitting Deputy Perez head on, sending him flying off his motorcycle.

"To see a body fly 10 feet in the air and come down as hard as he came down, I just could not believe the man is still alive," said Blemke.

Blemke says she ran to the deputy lying in the middle of road as he screamed in pain.

"I ran to his side, I actually got a pillow out of my car his head was bobbing and I didn't want his neck to move, so I put it under his neck," she said.

Investigators say deputy Leffin was not hit and continued to chase Taylor.

"Everyone is hollering and then an officer says get down shots are being fired," said Blemke.

Deputies say Taylor ditched the car and took off on foot--climbing over a fence.
Deputy Leffin ran in to that fence and flew off his motorcycle.

The whole time Blemke was with Deputy Perez, trying to keep him alive.

She waited for ambulances arrived and saw just how dangerous the deputies jobs can be.
"They are just heroes, every day, they are heroes," said Blemke.

Deputy Perez is still in serious condition.

Taylor is behind bars in the Lee County Jail facing attempted murder charges.