Published: Mar 17, 2014 10:36 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 18, 2014 5:23 AM EDT

ARCADIA, FL.--WINK News is getting new answers about a mercury scare in southwest Florida.

A major clean-up project in Desoto county is now in its second week.

It's now day 7 of cleaning the contaminated house on South Volusia Avenue.

"We have screened all the personal belongings in the house and we are now down to a point where we are trying to make determinations on what to do next,"
 said U.S, Environmental Protection Agency's Jeff Crowley.

WINK News first told you last week that the EPA Cleared Desoto Middle School on Friday.
It was shut down for nearly a week, after school leaders say, the boy who lives at the house brought a vile of that  mercury to class and spilled some on the carpet.

The EPA says the mercury came from an antique five pound weight. Most of it was found scattered throughout the home.

"Based on the information we got they only had it out for a couple of days," said Crowley.

This has been a massive decontamination process. Some of the home's hard-wood floors have been ripped up and a dumpster full of furniture--thrown away.

The EPA  is trying to get all the vapors out of the home.

"We are trying to get it hot, then open the windows out and let it vent out, we keep doing that and every time we do that our levels go down," said Crowley.