Published: Mar 13, 2014 6:19 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 13, 2014 6:27 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Piles of concrete, rotting cardboard, and tossed-out TV's. That's what neighbors along one vacant property in Cape Coral are living next to, and they're fed up.

WINK News found out the land is owned by the city of Cape Coral, and the people dumping the trash are breaking the law.

A city spokesperson says the city simply doesn't have the resources to constantly clean up these lots. But neighbors say it needs to become a priority.

Kelly Victor is tired of people using the lot at 2700 NE 24th AVE as a dumping ground.

"Bags of garbage. old tires. Lots of TVs, debris, just brush and logs and just all kinds of stuff," Victor said. She's constantly finding discarded items.

WINK News found out the lot, north of Diplomat Parkway is city property. Victor has asked the city to clean up the mess for more than a year.  "I've called them numerous times, made complaints you know, I've done everything I know to do," she said.

Shes worried it will harm children and local wildlife.

In fact, WINK News discovered the city's own code enforcement office sent a letting of violation to the city, saying the lot needed to be cleaned up.

"I think that just reflects that we hold ourselves to the same standards and expectations that we hold owners of other vacant properties," explained city spokeswoman Connie Barron.

She says the city is well aware of the issue, and cites a lack of money and manpower.

"When you have as many parcels that you have, vacant parcels, and you also have to maintain and focus on the properties of the citizens which are the rights of ways then the canals, you really don't have enough staff to go out an regularly monitor those sites and clean them immediately. We do the best that we can," Barron said.

"There's kids that play around here, absolutely. I would like to see Cape Coral step up and do the right thing," said Victor.

The city is asking people to be patient, and says the lot will get cleaned up eventually.

You can face fines and even a felony for illegal dumping.

Victor tells WINK News she wonders if at least the city could put up some signs that warn people of the penalties.