Published: Mar 10, 2014 1:00 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 10, 2014 8:46 PM EDT

SANIBEL, Fla.- Salvage crews successfully managed to re-float a sunken 64-foot luxury yacht that caught fire off the coast of Sanibel last week.

Only WINK News cameras were there as the boat's owners, Carl and Terri Natale, were brought safely back to shore last Monday.  Carl Natale is an expert on fires, according to his online resume.  He told WINK News he was anxious to learn what started the fire that claimed the yacht he and his wife loved.

FWC and Natale's insurance company are both investigating the cause of the fire.  In order to complete the investigation, the wreck had to be salvaged.  It tooks crews aboard a barge with a large crane hours to secure the yacht and gently lift it off the Gulf of Mexico floor, about 24 feet below the water's surface.

Once on the surface, the degree of damage was evident.  The fire appeared to completely gut the yacht, with the most severe damage near the rear of the boat.

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