Published: Mar 10, 2014 6:11 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 10, 2014 6:14 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- Things are heating up on Fort Myers Beach! And that's because the boys are back in town! The Cincinnati firefighters are once again creating a buzz as they perform outside the Lani Kai, but every performance is raising money for children who need it most.

"I was hot before, now it's even hotter!"

Things got quite steamy on the sand of Fort Myers Beach!

"I think they are pretty dang sexy, no matter what your age is," said Jennifer Caels.

The Cincinnati firemen put on a show that charmed the entire audience. Jennifer Caels says she burned up within seconds of the show starting!

"I like it all! I think I like when they have less clothes on, haha!"

For over two decades, this traditions been causing a real heat wave! But all of this excitement is for a good cause, just ask retired firefighter Joe Diebold.

"I watch the crowd and start to get pumped up by their enthusiasm, I get a little smile on my face, and say I am doing this one more time and I realize I am having a great time for some kids," said Diebold.

This year, the children of the Shriners Hospital will benefit from the money collected in these boots.

"These guys are real good, and it's for a good charity."

The Cincy firefighters performed some of their classic dances and even some new numbers. Elaine Dicicco's "girls day" out got heated when she was pulled up on stage.

"I had a blast, a great time, it was a little toasty in between all of them."

But despite having two left feet, Joe says he is 100 % dedicated to putting on a good show.

"I'm one of the first three and probably one of the worst dancers of the crew, but I enjoy it!"

The money raised is going to Araba Shriners Center. The proceeds will be used for the transportation fund so they can continue to take children to the Shriners Children's Hospital in Tampa. The shows are everyday until 19th and begin at 1:30. There is no show on Saturday.