Published: Mar 07, 2014 6:53 AM EST
Updated: Mar 07, 2014 10:46 AM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - It took Cape Coral firefighters three hours to extinguish a commercial compactor fire at Bed Bath and Beyond, located at 1827 NE Pine Island Road, overnight.

Crews were called to the scene just before 11:00 p.m. last night, regarding a fire in a large commercial trash compactor at the rear loading dock. The steel constructed roll-off compactor/dumpster owned by Garden Recycling of Ft. Myers was filled with cardboard and other combustibles that had ignited in the chute running from the building into the compactor. Smoke entered the store activating the fire alarm.

Firefighters were able to keep the fire contained, but due to the volume of material inside the compactor, it was quickly determined that more equipment would be needed.

A heavy wrecker was requested to pull the dumpster away from the building. Once the container was drug away from the chute, firefighters were able to get inside and begin pulling the burning material out onto the ground.

Two additional fire companies were called in to relieve the first in crews, bringing over two dozen firefighters total to extinguish the blaze. While the fire was quickly contained and brought under control by firefighters, it took nearly three hours to fully extinguish the fire, and that was not until the owner of the compactor arrived to lift and dump the unit of all material onto the ground.

There was no damage to the business and no injuries were reported.