Published: Mar 07, 2014 12:51 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- A brand new proposal in Tallahassee could require political candidates to undergo drug testing. State Representative Dane Eagle is pushing for the new law, months after former Representative Trey Radel resigned, admitting to using alcohol and cocaine while in office.

The bill, called the Drug Free Public Officers Act, requires public officials to get drug tested. If they refuse, they'll be forced to resign from office. If they're convicted, found guilty, or plead no contest to a felony charge, they will be removed from office.

The bill also sets up an ethics committee to review and investigate anyone who tests positive for drugs, and the committee will have the power to refer the public officers to a rehab program.

This comes just months after former Representative Trey Radel resigned after he admitted to using cocaine while in office.

Representative Eagle said, "Frankly, when I was first elected to office, I was surprised I was not drug tested. When I was running for high school class president, I had to get drug tested. When I worked at Walgreens, I got tested. I think it's the right, fair thing to do, and I'm happy to get that discussion started."    

Governor Scott said he has not read the bill yet, but said those running for office must be held accountable.