Published: Mar 06, 2014 4:46 PM EST
Updated: Mar 06, 2014 5:25 PM EST

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- The Collier County Sheriff's Office is taking a new approach to help catch people who don't make good decisions behind the wheel. Today, they unveiled two *new* types of cruisers to combat traffic offenses.

"Instead of do it, we say just don't, don't drink and drive!"

It's a message Collier County deputies make sure you never forget, but of course, they know not everyone makes smart decisions when getting behind the wheel.

"The decision to drink and drive is a decision they make when they choose to leave the place they are drinking from," said Lt. Mike Dolan.

So in an effort to amp up their aggressive driving campaign including drunk drivers, new cruisers are now a part of their traffic fighting team.

"It will ultimately save their live, the life of you, me, my wife, my kids," said Lt. Dolan.

It's not your traditional patrol car, in fact it's called a "ghost" car, a car that leaves the deputy virtually unnoticeable. It's camouflaged until headlights reflect off of the lettering.

"Many impaired drivers as they are driving home, know, with that guilty conscious that we are looking for them and they are looking for the profile of the average police car," said Lt. Dolan.

Another part of the campaign is a display car, it's half patrol car, half taxi cab. It's designed to help "you" chose your ride-- when impaired.

'You can chose to pay $10,000 for a patrol car ride or $20.00 for a taxi ride."

The half patrol car, half taxi can be seen on display around Collier beginning as early as this weekend. There are only three others in the entire state. It's a retired police car and the only cost was for the wrap and it was paid for by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.