Published: Mar 05, 2014 10:05 PM EST

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - The board of commissioners will discuss increasing the speed limit on a busy road by at least 5 miles per hour. On Tuesday, Commissioner Donna Fiala says a proposed speed limit of 50 miles per hour will be discussed for Collier Boulevard in between Davis Boulevard and U.S. 41 East. Right now the speed limit is 45 there.

Fiala said she will even propose the speed limit be increased back to 55 miles per hour. She said at both ends it's 55 and that it should just keep flowing at that rate from Marco Island all the way to Immokalee Road.

Residents like Jim Rose would like to see that happen. "It's a 4 lane and a straight highway so I think it would be a good move to do" said Rose.

Commissioner Fiala said the speed limit was changed to 45 a few years back. She tells WINK News it use to be 55 miles per hour before the transportation department made some changes to the busy road. "They eliminated all of the median cuts to make it a clearer shot and they widened the road to make it a better running roadway" said Fiala. "We were all shocked that isn't what we thought would happen being that they made all these provisions for smoothing flowing traffic, you would think they would want to keep the traffic at 55 miles per hour."

But not all motorists agree. Patsy Branca feels there's too much traffic for a higher speed limit. "They're already going 60 miles an hour or more, so I think maybe 45 is just fine" said Branca.

Fiala says the commissioners will first discuss changing it to 50 miles per hour. She said the transportation department is afraid the new curbing could be a hazard.

"They said that when you put in curbing, this particular type of curbing, then you have to reduce the speed but nobody reduces it anyway and if we haven't had accidents I think that's plenty of proof that it should be ok" said Fiala.

The board of commissioners will discuss the proposed increase at Tuesday's meeting.