Published: Mar 04, 2014 2:14 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Lee County Domestic Animal Services rescued 16 dogs from a hoarding situation, in which the owner was allegedly keeping them in cages, stacked on top of one another, in a one bedroom apartment.

Lee County Sheriff's deputies discovered the situation on the 2200 block of Moreno Ave. when responding to the area for a separate call.

LDAS was called and the owner allowed them inside the shed, which had been converted into an apartment. There was only room for one officer at a time in the room. According to LDAS, inside they found several canines crated in black wire kennels, stacked on top of one another. LDAS officers said they saw puppiers that appeared to be three months old, and a female dog with eight newborn puppies, lying in feces and urine, without food or water. The nursing mother appeared underweight, with her hip bones and ribs showing. The apartment reportedly smelled of feces and urine.

Dogs were also found outside, but those dogs were alert, had water and dog houses.

The owner allegedly said he loved his dogs, loved collecting dogs and loved taking care of them. After LDAS explained proper care and conditions to the owner, he agreed to surrender the inside dogs.

LDAS said they will be checking on the remaining dogs and are concerned that he will "collect" more.