Published: Mar 02, 2014 10:13 PM EST
Updated: Mar 02, 2014 11:08 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- An "overgrown eyesore". That's what some people call a once-beautiful Cape Coral golf course. Its been left abandoned for years near Country Club Boulevard and Palm Tree Boulevard.

Neighbors tell WINK News they want a decision on the course's future.

Nature has taken over "The Golf Club."  Edward Osteen's house sits on the edge of the property. His backyard has turned into more of a preserve than a putting green, and while he enjoys his view of the wildlife, "The rest of it is utter garbage," he said.

Cape Coral's city manager says the city has three options. The first? Is do nothing, which Osteen says is just par for the course. "The least one I want to happen is something that Cape Coral is excellent at doing: absolutely nothing," he said.

The second? Spend the green on the greens. "I play golf. I play horribly but I enjoy doing it. it's a huge moneymaker if its run professionally," Osteen said.

According to the city manager, the course's current owner set the price tag at $10 million.
Money, he says, the city simply doesn't have right now.

The third option? A public private partnership, turn the weeds into a well maintained park that would be placed around the perimeter of the course.

While a decision on this might just be a long shot, many are encouraged to hear the city is taking a 'swing' at the issue.

The issue of the overgrown golf course will be discussed at Cape Coral's city council meeting Monday afternoon at 4:30.