Published: Feb 27, 2014 1:46 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- An 8-year-old Fort Myers girl decided to forgo birthday presents for herself and instead asked for gifts to donate to the PACE Center PACE Center for Girls.

The girl, named Grace, celebrated her birthday at a local gymnasium, and asked all twelve of her invited friends to bring gifts for girls in need at PACE rather than for herself.

Grace's grandmother, Meg M. Geltner, is the Executive Director of the PACE Center for Girls, which is how Grace understands the needs of the organization.

“I don’t need any more presents for me. So the PACE girls can have them now since they really need them,” said Grace, as she presented wrapped gifts to the PACE girls during lunch hour.

The reaction of the PACE girls made the gesture more meaningful. Some PACE girls began to cry. Some PACE girls ran up to give Grace hugs and tell her how special she was.

Geltner couldn't have been more proud. Filling up with tears, she explained, “I had no idea this was happening, Grace did this all on her own. She has the biggest heart and it is an inspiration to us all that anyone, big or small, can give back.”

The gifts donated to the PACE girls will be used in the “Point Store.” Girls are awarded points each day for "Keeping the PACE Promise" and exceeding expectations. Each month the girls get to shop in the Point Store using their accumulated points. For a full wish list of items needed for the Point Store, visit