Published: Feb 25, 2014 6:51 PM EST
Updated: Feb 25, 2014 7:01 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A 21-year-old Lee County man is in federal custody, accused of having child porn. WINK news found out, when agents showed up to arrest him, his father ended up in handcuffs.

Attorney Wilbur Smith says, although his client, John Hanlon Junior, is facing serious charges involving child porn, he hasn't seen the evidence. 

"Don't know the extent of his involvement, if in fact there was involvement," said Smith. 

A grand jury charged the 21 year old with receiving and/or distributing an image involving child porn. 

He's also charged with possessing that image. 

Smith is asking the judge to consider home confinement. 

"He will have to reside in that home. No internet or telephone service. No computers," said Smith.

According to Hanlon Junior's indictment, FBI agents seized several computers from Hanlon's Fort Myers home, as well as a NOOK.

But Hanlon Junior isn't the only family member currently in custody. 

Deputies arrested his father, John Hanlon Senior, Tuesday morning. 
Acorrding to the 71 year old's arrest report, when FBI agents arrived to arrest his son, Hanlon Senior tried to stop officers. 

They had to hold him back and when deputies told Hanlon Senior they'd let once he'd calmed down, he said " 'that's fine, and then i'll punch you right in the face'."

When deputies finally let him go, the "Deputy looked at his wrist and said, 'great, thanks for breaking my watch.'

To which Hanlon Sr. replied 'now I am gonna break something else'..."

Hanlon Senior is out on bond. 

As for his son, WINK News learned the government is not asking for confinement at this time.

Wilbur Smith said that's because Hanlon Junior is young, with no priors.

He also has Tourette's.

The judge alluded to home confinement, with an electronic monitoring device. He said the bail will be set at $250,000.

He will officially decide that Wednesday morning.

Count on WINK News to be there.