Published: Feb 24, 2014 7:22 PM EST

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla.- A new cell phone tower is almost complete at the water treatment facility off Donax Street on Sanibel Island. It's a long time coming, as the lease for the tower was approved in 2011.

It will be the third tower on Sanibel, where people often have poor cell phone reception.

Patrick Docherty visits every season from Canada, and says he's looking forward to the new tower, and doesn't mind the view practically in his backyard. "I'm not against it at all. I know my reception will get better on my cell phone, which I've had trouble with on and off since we've been coming here," he says.

Leslie Turner is looking forward to better cell service as well. "As soon as I get over the bridge from the mainland, to Sanibel, pretty much have no reception. I might have one or two bars but they're not really there."

Rick Ansaldo says, "a lot of people use that technology, they don't have landlines anymore, they have laptops, smart phone, and they really rely on those to communicate. It can be a safety issue."

Hack and Tomi Ayers live right next door to the new cell tower, and they're happy to see the tower installed.

Representatives from Verzion tell WINK News once crews finish construction soon, they'll have to install antennas on top and do some testing, so it may be some time before the tower is active.

Verizon also says the tower will improve service for its customers, and any other carriers that 'roam' on verizon service.