Published: Feb 24, 2014 5:23 PM EST
Updated: Feb 24, 2014 8:38 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla - The big smile shining through Adam Strongin's yearbook photo, says a lot about who he was.

"Loving, had a great positive energy about him," said his Ancient History teacher, Diane Dareb.

In fact, his teachers at Gulf Middle School tell WINK News the boy always had them laughing, even from the first day of school.

"He said i don't know where you sat me at but if you haven't sat me in the front you are going to want to move me into the front because I'm very hyperactive and i won't pay attention unless I'm in the front," said Jamie Ayres, his language arts teacher.

In miss Dareb's class, he sat in the back, because of his messy back pack, another running joke.

"He was a pack rat. That book bag was a constant joke," said Dareb. "Clean it up adam, okay but he would, and it would be messy again in 2 more periods."

A B student,  they say he loved to learn!

"Definitely had a way with words, he was definitely a natural storyteller," said Ayres.

Adam told everyone he'd be a marine biologist, because of his love for the water.

They also say for a sixth grader, he had more manners than most.

"Always willing to share if they didn't have a pencil or paper," said Dareb.

"Let a door for you if you needed help, leaving he'd say thank you Mrs. Ayres have a good afternoon, just very mannerly."

But it's the smile they'll miss the most.

"Always had a huge smile on his face no matter what," said Dareb.

Strongin drowned while playing near the canal at his Cape Coral home.

The Cape Fire Department said Adam Strongin was pulled out by his brother and bystanders. They quickly began CPR and witnesses said resuscitation efforts continued when firefighters arrived. Police say Strongin died at the hospital.

Cape Coral Police are still investigating exactly what happened Saturday night.