Published: Feb 21, 2014 6:32 PM EST

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. -- Students say the 15 year-old arrested for bringing a gun to East Lee County High School had the weapon because he was bullied. WINK News has decided not to use the student's name or picture.

The 15 year old will now be punished according to the school's code of conduct which says if you bring a gun to school, you could face expulsion for a year. 

The teen is in big trouble after authorities discovered he brought a .38 caliber gun to class earlier this week.

Lee County Schools Superintendent Dr Nancy Graham commends the classmate who saw the gun, and anonymously reported it to the school resource officer.

"We had 1700 children do the right thing, and we had one who made a poor choice. The good news is there was another who was especially brave and shared an anonymous tip, so the school was able to deal with the issue right away. That's what we want to do," said Dr. Graham.

Authorities found the unloaded handgun in the teen's pants pocket. They also searched the teen's locker, but did not find anything else.

For students, the news is unsettling. "We already know what happened to that Sandy Hook thing. I mean, we don't want that happening especially, now with high schoolers," said one student.

Dr. Graham tells WINK News the school district immediately notified parents of the incident, through the district's ParentLink program, which alerts your phone with a robo-call.

Students tell WINK News the teen felt bullied and that's why he brought the gun to school. "It's been getting a lot more, not popular, but in the media lately. It's bad that kids have to resort to violence to solve their actions,' said another student.