Published: Feb 20, 2014 11:10 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - Investigators were back at the scene of where several vehicles went up in flames outside a beachfront high rise on Gulf Shore Boulevard. They're trying to determine what sparked the fire that caused a million dollars in damage.

"When a fire starts you can generally narrow down the most damage from the heat" says Larry Bacci, City of Naples Fire Marshal. He says "that generally brings you to the area of origin, what caused the fire is a different story."

Bacci believes this fire was accidental.

He says it appears the fire started in a Scion. Bacci says the owner of the Scion told him he had some radio problems, "the radio was going on and off so a lot of times thats indicative of an electrical problem but we haven't made that determination."

"I've never seen anything like that, never heard anything like that" says Norman Osborne who lives at the Diplomat Club.

Osborne's car was parked on the other side of the carport. He had a cover over it, which may have saved it from getting damaged.

However, other cars parked near Osborne's weren't as lucky, "2 cars down from me was pretty seriously damaged." He goes on to say "and then the one actually behind me, of coarse there's a wall there that separates, but there was some damage over there so I felt fortunate."

As for Mary Nourse her car was across from the Scion. The flames from the fire melted the back of her Lincoln MKT. "I think we're just all so thankful that nobody was hurt" says Nourse who also lives at The Diplomat Club.

She's just graetful the outcome wasn't worse, "the damage is done but it can be repaired."

The fire remains under investigation.