Published: Feb 19, 2014 10:27 PM EST
Updated: Feb 20, 2014 3:28 AM EST

FORT MYERS, FL.--Have you ever seen those bizarre items for sale on Ebay?

For $75,000 you can decide what someone's name will be changed to and you can even bid on the "meaning of life."

But now, you can buy a dirty bottle of water.

A group of FGCU students are selling the dark, murky water for a thousand bucks a pop on Ebay.

"It is kind of taking what we learned in school and what we are all about and putting it in to action," said student Corrine Fournier.

The students want to do something drastic to  raise money for for an organization called Charity:Water.

"It is providing clean water straight to Africa and 100% of the donations go straight to this cause," said student Zach Rieder.

"There is millions of people in Africa that each year drink this dirty water and we have clean water even in our toilets," said Fournier.

Their goal is to collect $6,000dollars and it would help built a brand new water well in Africa to provide villages with fresh drinking water.
The idea of selling these bottles on ebay definitely caught peoples attention.

"The exposure of you are selling this for $1,000 and imagine what you are going to say to people-look you are going to buy dirty water but the kids in africa drink it for free," said Tom Schumacher.

And to raise even more money--perhaps a good workout.
"I am thinking about biking from one side of florida to the other side--it's 170 miles but it could be worth it," said Rieder.

Here is the link to the charity's web page:

Here is the link to the bottles of water on Ebay: