Published: Feb 17, 2014 10:21 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - A permanent tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to serve our country. 30 personalized bricks were added to the more than 900 already around surrounding the Freedom Memorial on Monday. 

Daughters of the American Revolution laid a powerful message on 3 of those bricks. It says "The National Society Daughters of American Revolution Big Cypress Chapter honors all who sacrificed themselves defending our nation and reserving our freedom." 

Virginia Bailey is part of the patriotic organization. She says "it means this nation is here because of the people who understood what freedom was and the ability to run a government themselves without the power coming from the top down." Bailey goes on to say, "We firmly believe in the power coming from the bottom up and the strength of our own citizens." 

Bailey feels it's important for all school children to visit the monument. "I think they should have a veteran perhaps be their guide and talk to them about the sacrifices that those who went before them made." She got emotional while expressing why saying, "So they could have the choices and the opportunity that everyone has in America." 

For others like Peggy Reagan, laying DAR's message was very personal. Her father fought in World War II. "He landed on Omaha beach, the Normandy invasion, the first wave of soldiers at H hour." Reagan says "he gave a lot like our other veterans have so that we can enjoy the freedoms of this beautiful, beautiful land." 

Freedom emorial is far from finished. Jerry Sanford with North Naples Fire District says they've raised $600,000 since 2003. He says they need $1.2 million more to complete the monument.